Sep 12 2014

Sep 11 2014

A Girl Called Jonny

Sometime around 15 years ago I decided I needed a dog. I proceeded to name this imaginary dog Jonny. I then set forth to find this dog named Jonny. This is when there were still newspapers and they had classified ads and a section called “Dogs for Sale”… This couldn’t have been a better tool for my plan to find a dog named Jonny. I bought a newspaper and I went to the section and I scanned the offerings and one said “Wolf Dogs For Sale”.  My 15 year old younger self thought “oh, that is the greatest idea ever.” A dog and a wolf together would be the most authentic way to have a dog and a wolf and the wolf part would be super cool but the dog genes would make it way less likely that my pet will kill me with it’s face at some unexpected moment.

(I will interrupt myself here to say that yes, I know that dog breeding is bad; and dog/wolf breeding is probably even more bad, and spay and neuter your pets and all of that business, etc.)

So I went to this place and I will admit that it was a bit unsettling. Barking and growling and small pens and large pens, and somehow a knowing in the fight/flight part of my brain that made me twitchy. A girl comes out of a house, I assume a daughter of the family operation and we walk around this strange world. She makes some small talk and then says that we are going to see the parents… the “originals” I guess. The genesis of this wolf dog world. I’m not exactly sure, but I think at some point there was a wolf call off in the distance near the river and this girl seemed kinda scared, so maybe these were not the first “parents”. Anyway, these two were in separate cages, and as much as I wanted them to look wolfy or super-cool or something, they were pretty much just angry and scary and sad and slightly ugly. Continue reading